craig + sara // highlights

This is a story about long-time sweethearts who said, 'I do' in the best way and on the best day.

A part from witnessing a beautiful celebration for a well-loved couple, I also loved being able to capture these two at their family property at sunset! It was so meaningful and completely captured 'them' and the rich heritage they've come from. 

Hope you enjoy the highlights x  

Shout out to these amazing vendors:
Hair // Kristen Bramble KB Hair Boutique
Make up // Lauren Skippen from Blush it
Flowers and Decorating // Starcut Flowers
Cake // Weegee Deans Cakes
Venue // Paxtons Warehouse
Catering // Farview Tavern
Table Hire // Fiesta


when you're bitten and smitten // singapore adventures

Overseas holidays can be a blessing and a burden sometimes. There's the writing of a comprehensive but practical packing list, packing of bags with weight limits in mind, triple checking your list, making sure your cat has enough food for the house-sitter, organising pick-ups to and from airports, navigating airports, waiting in lines, visa checks, checking you actually packed your passport, filling out departure cards that never have enough room for your name, going through customs and security checks, finding your gate, waiting for your flight, long flights, tight plane spaces, plane food, money exchanges - and that's just to get to your holiday destination!

But, there's an undeniable euphoria when you get 'it' - the 'travel bug'. I imagine it's what keeps mothers going back to pushing out babies! You forget the painful process that happened only moments before and simply remember the joy.

My hubby and I most definitely have the travel bug. We crave the excitement of being in a place where it lures you into an adventure. Where we're overwhelmed by unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells that only elevate our curiosity, play tug-of-war with our senses and beg the question, which one will we succumb to first?

It's been over a decade since my hubby and I have visited Singapore and we had a week to soak in as much as we could. Some people were baffled we weren't staying longer, but we had other plans that we had to move on to. So although it was only for a week it didn't matter.


Because I've been bitten by that bug which naturally means if I had to endure the efforts of going on an overseas adventure, I would absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, do it all again. 

lauren + rhys // highlights

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

Ann Landers

Brides dress: Under the Veil, in Sarina  
Bridesmaids dresses: Forever New
Bride accessories: Wallace Bishop
Bridesmaids accessories: Tricks and Treasures (Mount Pleasant)
Flowers: Mackay Wedding Flowers
Hair: Hairway
Make up: Funk it Up
Suits: Man About Formal Hire
Celebrant: Craig Fraser (family friend)
Brides Wedding Ring:  Pjays Jewellery
Grooms Wedding Ring: Greg Neill Jewellers

Second shooter: Neill Kumar (Blue Photography)