Hello! Allow me to introduce myself... 

I'm Jennifer / Jen / not Jenny! *please*
I'm a Mackay-based weddings, editorial and lifestyle photographer and graphic designer/artist.
Korean-born, true blue Aussie.
Married to a South African babe (who hails from Stellenbosch) 
Been drawing on things since 1990. Keepin' it real since 1988. 
I'm a passionate humanitarian.* 
I love all things art, travel, food, fun, random and quirky and I especially love meeting people who dare to be different!

* Whenever you choose to support JLD, 20% is put aside for my amazing in-laws who provide teacher training in remote Zambia, Africa.

I believe design should go beyond a photo or a logo and be used as a vehicle to re-design the world for the better!